Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Foodbloglondon has a new home

For lots of reasons. Mostly because I learnt about friends' lists on Live Journal and how pissed off people get if you don't hide your stuff behind a 'cut', which I'm way too stupid to learn how to do.
And it was stopping me from posting and lots of people asked for it, and I have cooked lots of exciting things.
And already I wish I'd started here.
So: in reverse order.
Andy and I went to Borough Market on Saturday, and I actually bought things, whereas I'm usually too tight. It beat tidying the flat. One of the things I bought was a pot of pesto and I knew I had to use it. So, with an impeccable piece of logic, I went out and bought £3 worth of things to make SpagGen (do you think they call it that?) with. It's so simple. You just tip the stuff in and wait. I did the washing up and swept the floor in the time. It was, however, a little dull.
That isn't the recipe for blueberry muffin and butter pudding. It's the recipe we based it on. Again, ridiculously easy. Andy has a thing for blueberry muffins, almost as much of a thing as he has for me (too much?) so we decided to use up the spares. Then we ate the spares on the way to see some of my friends race and bought more on the way back. Impeccable logic.
Scones out in fifteen minutes is ridiculous, only if you have special breadcrumbing fingers. And we didn't have lemon, so we used a squeeze of tangerine. Use what works, right?
And our triumph: PIZZA! Oh my God, the algebra we went through for this one. It's in US cups. I will buy a cup measure when I go in June. I have deciliters or US pints, both of them totally unreadable on the IKEA jug. That's the one major whinge I have about the IKEA start box I bought. White on white, yeah guys, good design. It's a bit protracted, but really, it's lobbing some stuff in a bowl and sticking it in a cupboard. And splitting kneading between two of you makes it really easy. (Too smug married?). We put on it: tomato sauce, fried onions, pesto, green pepper, ham and mozzarella. It was easily the best pizza I've ever tasted and I WANT MORE.
Just a quick sign-off that I might try to publicise the blog a bit more, but first of all a plug for my friend Paul's film-and-food blog. And for Ren's website, which despite it's name, is not about tea. www.earlgreyhot.com
Oh and I'm going to try to work out how to move the blog over, or convert the old one.