Thursday, December 12, 2013


You know what makes alcohol really Christmasy? Boiling it up with stronger alcohol!

Gannet and Parrot, who I met at a Women in Food: Media event, posted Sussex jackut the other day. This is beer 'mulled' with brandy and spices. I can't say I'm convinced in any way by warmed beer, but I'm interested in old recipes we seem to have lost and my boyfriend's from Sussex, so I'll probably give it a try at some point.

Though there's no heating involved, it made me think of my great-grandmother's recipe for eggnog. I haven't seen it used in anger since about 1999.

There is a pint of spirits in it. A pint.

For eight people.

Here it is, via my aunt, via my mum:

'Nonnie's Egg Nog

Make only by the unit.   Do not attempt to double. 

6 egg yolks                                3/4 pt. Star Hennessy Brandy
2 egg whites
1/2 lb sugar
1 quart heavy cream                    1/4 pt. Hudson's Bay - Jamaica Rum

Beat egg yolks with electric beater until lemon colored.  Add slowly 1/2 lb sugar.  Add very slowly the 2 liquors.  Add 1 quart heavy cream.  Add egg whites - only one or two beaten stiff but not dry and fold in gently. 

6 times the recipe serves 50.  Served with Christmas cookies, hot mince tarts, fruitcake.

Pick up bodies as they fall!!!'

This must be an American pint, which is equivalent to 473ml, but I'm equally sure it doesn't really matter. 

I doubt Hudson's Bay make Jamaica Rum any more, but any (dark) Jamaican rum will do. 

I've not a clue what Star Hennessy Brandy is, as I'm guessing this recipe could easily date from anywhere between the end of Prohibition and the 50s... Use good brandy.

Heavy cream is double cream. That I do know.

Drink responsibly. Seriously. It's tasty but lethal. Don't go dipping too often into the bowl. 

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